Welcome to Wichita Falls!

Wichita Falls, Texas

We are the new owners of the Wichita Falls Sale!  Our site is currently under construction. Make plans now to join us at our next sale!

As a consignor, we challenge you to find a better way to make money on your items by having your own garage sale or using a local consignment store! Once you try "Just Between Friends", you'll never go back to the old way of selling your things!

As a shopper, we've got thousands of items you won't want to miss! Remember, you don't save if you don't shop! So please come check out the wonderful selection of maternity, baby and children's items!

Make sure you stop by and say hi! We would love to meet you!

Welcome to our sale!
Carrie & Paige
JBF Wichita Falls

Is this your first visit to JBF:

  • If you have just discovered JBF, you have found a treasure that will quickly turn into resale royalty.  It's true once you have seen how much more money you can make from your children's outgrown items.
  • How do we know this?  How do you think we all got started...the exact same way!  We went to or heard about a JBF sale, saw that we could make much more money selling items at a JBF sale than giving our great stuff away at a garage sale or a traditional consignment store.  Then we found out we got to SHOP everyone else's bargains before the public. 
  • Let's just say, making money and saving money got our attention...now we are hooked (and so are hundreds of thousands of American moms across the US!)
  • If you are looking for a great group of Moms in Wichita Falls, come and consign, volunteer and shop with us at the JBF Wichita Falls events!

How Can you participate?

Consignor/Seller: Tag and sell your items and make 60% and  Volunteer 4 hours and get an extra 5% or 8 hours and get an extra 10%!!  The average consignor check at the last sale was $389.

Vendor: Promote your business by having a vendor booth at our sale or Advertise your Business at our Event.

Shopper: Come and shop the bargains!

Volunteer: Shop the bargains FIRST, and receive up to10% more on your sold items.

E-mail/Mailing List: Receive the latest sale news and savings information.

You are welcome to look around!  You don't have to "join" to access our information.

Just use the links in the upper right hand corner to sign up today!  It's FREE!

Anyone can shop at a JBF event.  You do not have to consign or volunteer to shop.  Come on we would love for you to see all the deals you can find at a JBF Wichita Falls sale.  If you would like to sign up please do.  We would love for you to sign up with us so we can keep you up to date on our latest sales news as well as any great saving information.   Just use the links in the upper right hand corner to signup today! It's FREE!

Thank you to our Sponsors!

We Love JBF!

  • Do not miss this opportunity make some extra cash!
  • Sell your gently used or new children's things and make extra cash. Shop and get amazing bargains!!!
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