August 26, 2020
Sherry S
I love selling my kids' outgrown clothes and toys and being able to buy the things they need at great prices! Carrie and her team are incredibly helpful and kind. Can't wait til the next sale!
August 25, 2020
Robin W
Making extra money and deals on kids clothes.
August 25, 2020
Kristina N
"As a busy Mom, I loved consigning with the help of your valet services. I believe you are one of the only companies that provide that option. Its nice to be able to get ride of your stuff with help. With three kids, all under 5, I don't have a lot of extra time. I also love shopping and seeing the selection you have. It's always a good amount and at great price. "
August 25, 2020
Amy S
It’s a great way to sell my kids clothes without the hassle of having a garage sale.
August 25, 2020
Amina C
The fun of finding bargains
August 25, 2020
Kimberly W
always unique items to be found at great prices!
August 25, 2020
Melanie G
"It works. You gather, tag, drop off, volunteer, pick up, and in a couple of weeks get a check. Lots of people see your stuff at a large group sale which brings in more people to see your stuff. A bit of work to start but once you have a system it's not very time consuming. You tag at your convenience and just sign up for and show up at the sale."
November 14, 2019
Darlene C
I got more money than I thought. First time and only brought one tote full. Will do again
November 13, 2019
Randi W
Easy and a great way to make money and help others out
November 13, 2019
Jennifer B
Everything is organized and people are friendly!
November 13, 2019
Laura A
Quality clothing at great prices.
November 13, 2019
Brittany B
The Wichita Falls sale is amazing! So organized and such a great variety of items! The owner is super friendly and goes out of her way to help! I recommend this sale to everyone!!!
November 13, 2019
Melissa W
"This sale is super organized. Friendly staff. Clean showroom. Great items at super prices. Loved the donation system at the end that allows families with foster kids to shop free. I will be back as a seller, volunteer, and customer. "
November 13, 2019
Heather C
"It is easy and great way to make some money and get rid of clothes that are stacking up around the house that everyone has outgrown, plus toys that noone plays with anymore. "
November 07, 2019
Amy S
I always find great items for great prices! And I also like being able to sale my children’s gently used items and make money to offset the cost of everything I buy at the sales. ��
November 07, 2019
Clarrisa H
"I love the bargains, organization and variety. I was also impressed with my consigner check total. I sold so many items. I CAN NOT wait till april. "
November 07, 2019
Cinda S
It was great
November 07, 2019
Sharon T
The whole event was very well organized. It was so easy to drop off items and breakdown was the easiest I've ever seen.
November 07, 2019
Deana V
"Very organized! Great honest people that treat you well! Just so easy with tagging, computer, volunteering, and I have went up in sales each time. "
November 07, 2019
Kelly B
Friendly people! Great atmosphere. Thank you!
November 06, 2019
Amanda S
"I love being able to help other families find affordable and quality clothing. Raising kids is expensive, so we all need a little help. "
November 06, 2019
Jessica S
"I seriously can not find enough kind words to describe JBF owners, staff and event! From the time you pull into the parking lot to the time you check out everyone is so happy to see you and so helpful! The event is so organized and is ran better than our government. I absolutely love shopping for my kiddos and house and always find great deals! I also love how easy it is to cosign and make side cash while helping another family get great deals on my stuff! The event is always clean, kept picked up and staff is constantly rearranging items when open space is available. This makes shopping easier and much more enjoyable! I was 4 days out from having a c section and our first outing was to your event! I wouldn't dare miss it!"
November 06, 2019
Stephanie M
I love selling my items and being able to determine my own prices.
November 06, 2019
Kara K
November 06, 2019
April W
Very well run
November 06, 2019
Heidi P
The huge selection.
November 06, 2019
Linda R
Fast and easy way to make extra cash on things my children have outgrown
November 06, 2019
Deanna S
"This event is very well organized, which makes shopping easy! The coordinator and all the helpers are extremely nice and helpful. They make being a team member fun and treat everyone like family!! Not to mention each event my sales continue to grow! "
November 06, 2019
Carrie B
"I love everything about the event! The friendly people, the opportunity to make money on things I no longer need, and saving money on the things I do need. I can't wait until the next event!"
November 06, 2019
Amanda G
Love coming out and find such great deal!!
November 06, 2019
Crystal P
"There are numerous things! The great bargains, the team members and their positivity, and being among other like minded individuals with 1 goal in mind..... helping each other's families thru the JBF event. "
November 06, 2019
Lisa S
Everything even all the hard work from tagging items to helping sorting at the end. I love how everyone comes together and works as a team to provide our community with quality items at reasonable prices.


Carrie Bloom

P: 940-237-6833

Paige Schroeder, Valet Coordinator

P: 940-636-6417

Consignor Community

As parents, we know that raising a family can be expensive but it doesn't have to be!  We help Wichita Falls area families shop smart & save BIG on everything they need for their kids! We show YOU how to make money selling those outgrown kids' items and how to keep more money in your pocket by shopping & saving with JBF! Come & Join Us!

JBF Wichita Falls is proud to be locally owned & operated, making a difference in our communities.